What makes for better design

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I came across this conversation on the website Remodelista and the excerpted bits I liked on what makes for good design and homes:

” 20 Questions: Julianne Moore and Vincent Van Duysen Talk Design

JM: Your work has a simplicity to it; I think you are that rare person who is able to tackle both architecture and interior design. That’s why I was drawn to your work. I love Axel Vervoordt, but he is much more of a classicist than you are. I feel like you put the Belgian aesthetic through a modernist sieve.

VVD: It’s all the art of living. Academically, I was trained as an architect. But I am not a mathematical architect, I am an intuitive architect. I’m not one who says, “I want to predict a new way of living.” I’m not the visionary who wants to tackle large-scale urban enclaves. I’m a little conservative; I would rather go to the essence and the art of living.

JM: What are some of the hardest design lessons you’ve learned?

VVD: I don’t like the word “lesson”, but in general, what really bothers me the most is the lack of integrity in design. You know, it’s all about consumption–forms and mannerisms and fashion. Where is the honesty and integrity of the design? ”

I like this riff on integrity vs mannerisms and fashion. This feels right up my own ally and experience. Substance vs spectacle or whatever is in style in the moment. So, I’ll continue to explore and advocate and inform around what makes for designed and built beauty in our lives. I was strolling though our neighborhood last night and once again noticing a certain homogenized quality to almost all the new constructed homes. That replaced smaller homes, but to replace small and often character laden with urban cookie cutter McMansions seems a loss, both to the quality of our neighborhoods, but also to beauty.


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