The importance of valuing what we love

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I was reading a thought provoking article yesterday in National Affairs by Jonathon Rauch that explores how through the ages societies have come to some kind of public understanding about truth. This has been a challenge for every culture down through history. Tribal communities frequently used shaman to settle questions about reality.  Totalitarian states have the government in charge of objectivity. Religious communities use holy texts to be interpreted by priests. And now with so much information and disinformation it is becoming extremely difficult for society’s to be able to sort through the mass of perspectives to determine what is true for us in the moment.

This got me thinking about how we decide on a daily basis what to focus our attention on, and how easily we can be distracted by all the ‘noise’ of the internet and social networking. Not that it is all noise, but I notice that there is so much information and news and updates to process that my attention span and ability to discern what is valuable to me is lessened.

So here I will continue to share that which has rung true for me, that has a sense of soul and real gratification. Whether this be aspects of our self expression, homes, communities or the possessions we love. I’m not suggesting that my ‘loves’ are necessarily the right loves, but to suggest that we could all pay more attention to what really moves us, so we can better edit out the flood of info that wants to continually distract us from the things we most care about.

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