What do we really love?

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I was reading an energising book that arrived today called ‘Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. I had to get past the rather cutesy fonts and bit over the top American betterment style, and there are some real gems beneath the packaging. One in particular that will be a core mission of this blog is to share those things in life that Anna and I and our clients really love. There are so many clichés about do what you love and life will be happily ever after etc.

But to be more vulnerable with those facets of life that we really love and feel passionate about and share these with each other is edgier, more vulnerable maybe. Like this book that some of you may go look at the cover of and think I’ve lost the plot. Not to deny that I regularly lose the plot, but there is a great message here:

To share our curiosity cabinet, our wonder chamber with each other. The things in life that inspire us, that excite us, that resonate with our souls.

‘Your only as good as your record collection’
dj spooky

Now I happen to love my records as my partner will attest as we have the sore backs to show the number of times we have packed them up and moved them to our next home.

‘We can only connect the dots that we collect.”
Amanda Palmer as quoted in Brain Pickings, a wonderful blog of book loves by Maria Popova.

So, given that our work is helping people get more grounded in their own innate self and deep passions and loves, we will be modeling that here in this blog and urging you to do the same in whatever form works for you in your life. It breaks us out of the stories we often tell about our lives, kids, work and opens onto that which is calling to us to come more to life in us, those things that grab us on a daily basis. And we each notice and love different things, so in sharing these with each other, we also get to celebrate each of our uniqueness.

What is something you have really loved or have been moved by in the past day and who else can you share it with?

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