100-year-old Home Eco-Revival

A century-old home built with doubtful craftsmanship, but settled in a place of beauty, awaiting revival. Converted now into a five-home, two building design, matched at last in eye-catching beauty with its host garden, coming of age at 100, and earning its place; Passivhaus sustainability, green roofs, rain catchment and near zero energy and water usage. Ready for the next one hundred.

“The Eco Alchemists bring a rare combination of environment, beauty, community and architecture to all of their projects.”

Daryl Rantis, project architect and director of design at Green Hammer

  • Passivhaus certified eco home. One of the first Passivhaus multi-housing units to be created.
  • Reuse of original materials to retain character and reduce new material use.
  • Green roofs, organic landscaping, food growing and vertical gardens.
  • Rainwater catchment for reuse in home and garden.
  • Whole property.