Landscape, Liveability and Low-Impact Combined

Our home in the US, and everything we felt about an ecological life, lived out – resourceful, respectful and super energy efficient. With the sublimely talented architect Tom Bender we brought light, warmth and comfort, style and spirituality. 150m2 comprising reclaimed wood, metal and beauty. We were storm catchers too, managing rainfall to nourish the landscape; a native landscape right to the door and accessible from every room – inescapably invigorating from any viewpoint; a home amid the garden.

“Charles is unique and wonderful to work with, because he never accepts the normal, but never stops looking for new ways to put creative soul into places; from the heart, low-impact, and unexpected.”

Tom Bender, architect

  • All visible wood reclaimed from local barns and surrounding area.
  • All windows (double glazed) and doors FSC certified.
  • Ground-level earthen floors constructed from local materials.
  • Railings restructured from reclaimed local metal.
  • High-efficiency boiler with individual thermostats for increased efficiency.
  • High-efficiency water heater, plumbed ready for later adoption of solar thermal.
  • On-site storm water management.
  • ‘Low flow’ taps and shower fittings.
  • High airtight properties and warmth retention.
  • Low toxicity, natural finishes throughout.