Big ideas fit comfortably into smaller places

Conservation area buildings don’t need to be untouchable relics of building inefficiency; something we prove time and again. We wanted our own apartment in one of Brighton’s classic Regency streets to feel lighter, larger and healthier. We went micro-eco on detail: stripping everything back to a bright and open concept of space working with maximum effectiveness; using all natural materials and finishes; making every piece of living space earn its keep, and delivering exceptional energy efficiency. Regency identity on the outside; modern eco-living at its heart and soul.

“I like living in a smaller space where we use every inch of it – nothing is wasted – and yet we don’t feel crammed. It’s tight and cozy, easy to manage and energy efficient. I also like that we are walking our talk and living in a much smaller ecological footprint. It feels really good.”

Anna Debenham, Eco Alchemist and owner

  • Draught-proofing of windows throughout.
  • Fully insulated extension and external walls.
  • Low toxicity, natural finishes throughout.
  • Book-shelving using FSC-certified wood.
  • New, high-efficiency condensing combination boiler.