Forsaken squat given new lease of love

There were squatters here once, in this dilapidated duplex; a space where intentions to be beautiful and neighbourly had gone away. Tenderly, in this conservation area, we invited them back. With money too tight to mention, but we’ll mention it anyway, because we achieved great things without a lot. Now, a loved and admired, attractive family home. Very pleased said our clients. Very relieved said the neighbours. ‘Very Good’ said BREEAM on energy efficiency.

“Charles and Anna are brimming with ideas and creativity, and full of confidence and enthusiasm. Their vision of possibilities is amazing, and their exceptional technical knowledge helped us make some very smart decisions. The house is transformed.”

Jan Dunkley, owner

  • Pilot project for new BREEAM refurbishment scheme.
  • High thermal efficiency throughout.
  • Exceeded building regulations standards for wall and loft insulation.
  • Insulated basement floor with underfloor heating.
  • Smart metering
  • New wooden double-glazed windows to meet conservation standards
  • ‘Low flow’ shower head, taps and toilets.
  • Water catchment for landscaping use.
  • High-efficiency condensing combination boiler.
  • Extensive draught-proofing throughout.
  • Low energy lighting.