Great Expectations of Potential, Fulfilled

The mission was to refurbish and revitalise a mid-century family home; inside and out, root and branch, room and view. We explored and emancipated its hidden spaces, turning a basement and garage into lively new living areas. We connected the house to the outside world, creating outdoor rooms to a redesigned landscape garden and onward views to a beautiful park.

“Charles and Anna are the dynamic duo of ecological design. Anna is bold and full of ideas and Charles digs deep to find out what the client really wants and needs in a space to feel fully supported.”

Kelley Roy, owner

  • Photovoltaic solar electricity generation on south facing roof.
  • Photovoltaic solar electricity generation on
  • New high-efficiency boiler.
  • Reclaimed kitchen, fully refurbished.
  • Clay walls and ceiling for increased breathability without heat loss.
  • Organic landscaping.
  • Draught-proofing of windows throughout.
  • Low toxicity, natural finishes throughout.