Porch Love

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When we bought this home one of the first things we noticed was a crappy front porch, sinking into the ground, garden metal supports and not fitting the style or scale of the house. We were excited to explore the possibility of a wraparound porch which we had never created before. This also gave us an opportunity to continue to develop ways to expand the living space of an existing 1908 home while adding a touch of a more modern design with the porch addition. That this home is located on a corner with a lot of people strolling by also allowed us to demonstrate what was possible in transforming an old and dated home into something striking and more open. We first removed the aluminum siding and then the old crappy front porch and then we built the new wrap around. While far from finished on the outside, the feel of the home and the added space of the porch has been striking. IMG_2283IMG_2490

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