Minds and Walkie Talkies

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For the longest time I thought my goal in this life was to create more peace of mind. I, like many of us, grew up in a fairly crazy and dynamic family scene. While I love my family dearly, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t gain a bit of scar tissue along the way.

I think I’ve been maybe humbled by life enough now to come around to the notion that peace of mind may be a bit out of reach. But what could be a bit more in reach is a bit more clarity in the old noggin.

A couple metaphors that I’ve enjoyed help illustrate this. First came with the question, what is the best way to get a glass of water that is cloudy more clear? The answer I drove my life by was to work it, to cook it, to think a lot about it, to worry about it, to refine it. But the idea that the water will clear of it’s own accord. The answer that I like is to let it settle down.

The second metaphor is that our minds are like walkie talkie’s. They are either talking/thinking/ruminating or they are listening. This sounds so obvious, but somehow these two metaphors have been great allies recently in working with myself and clients. Listening more and talking less along with trusting that the clarity and wisdom is present if we can slow down and quiet down and settle down enough to let it become clear. The perspective that there is natural wisdom and intuition in all of us that wants to guide us to more fulfillment and wholeness in our lives and work.

Where in your life do you notice trying to think your way out of a challenge or obstacle? How could you do a small practice of quieting down and listening more for ideas and possibilities that are wanting to naturally emerge?

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