Our inner production company

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You feel the fear and do it anyway mantra is a rather old one, amazingly tricky to put into practice. Myself and clients can experience such a visceral sense of reality to our critics and doubts and fears and worries. To suggest something like ‘So Fucking What’ can seem rather extreme and dreamland. That worries can feel so palpable seems a uniquely human experience. George Pransky talks about our consciousness being like an inner movie production company that can take any thought and make it much more real than the best films we can become so absorbed by.

To realize that our fears and doubts are just a movie playing and not real is one rather large step. But then to begin to act on our deeper dreams and passions despite the worry movies playing is a whole other step. Much of my work with clients and myself is around these two steps.

Maybe there is a third step where we can shift our inner production company efforts away from fear movies toward producing passion and inner genius films. It will probably get great reviews….

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