Have a plan and hold it lightly

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I was working with someone the past couple days who is going through a lot of transition. A new possible job, in a different city, the possibility of moving from the city he has been living in for the past 35 years to someplace he has never lived. And he was trying to figure out what the best path forward was, on all these different fronts. And he was feeling rather overwhelmed with all the decisions he felt like he needed to make.

What I found myself encouraging was opening up his sense of possibilities in all the above and noticing what felt best. For example he thought he should sell his home where he now lives and find a new home to buy in the city he is moving to. We explored other possibilities. Renting a place for the first yeer or so where he is moving so he can get the lay of the land and not have to figure out where was the best place and home to live in now. Two, we looked at the possibility of him renting out his current home rather than selling, once again to give him more time to notice what feels right naturally rather then trying to decide it all now and with a sense of pressure.

I was reminded of the simple yet profound wisdom of talking with someone when we are feeling stuck or pressurized whom can help us see the limits of our current thinking and invite in fresh ideas and easy forward. When we are feeling stressed we are usually taking our thinking and expectations of ourselves way too seriously. It’s so much easier when we focus only on what is most important in the moment and whatever plan we develop, hold it lightly knowing that life will provide more insights and change along the way.

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