Coaching and going with the flow

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I’ve spent much of my life straddling two seemingly different work worlds. One is a coach/counsel/sounding board. The other is what I would call an eco restoration designer and developer. I have explored ways over the years to bring these two worlds together, but for me the restoration work feels more like making art. My passion is in the envisioning and creating and less energy on helping others with restoration projects.

With coaching, it sometimes felt less like work and more like just someone I am. Most of my life people have come to me for a good ear and ability to help people feel seen and heard. And often when we would chat away from all the other people and things going on in peoples lives I could help them find their own wisdom in whatever areas of life felt important.

Last night Anna and I were having dinner with dear friends and work colleagues at the lovely Tasty and Daughters. At some point in the midst of savoring some new gem from the kitchen one colleague turned to me and said,  “You should be providing more coaching to people. When I ran into you the other day I was feeling overwhelmed with what was going on in my work and in 30 minutes talking to you I felt 1000% better. And I often find this to be the case with your support!” It is such a lovely reminder for me to hear that what I just naturally do in life can be such a help to someone else.

Driving home I realized I’m always going to love creating beautiful spaces, but my real work work is helping others find their own wellbeing and move through life with more ease and satisfaction. What I noticed about this insight, is I didn’t force it. I’d been living in the question of how to resolve these two seemingly divergent work worlds, but I wasn’t trying to force an answer or action. At tines I felt impatient for a new thought about how to move forward. But then life has it’s own wisdom and sitting with good friends and chatting and having a lovely meal together leads surprisingly to a new perspective   when I would have least expected it. So coaching will be the focus on work and blogs going forward!

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