Here are some of the clients I’ve worked with.

” Charles has a very client focussed manner. He is very practical, grounded, in a friendly, honest manner offering a non-judgemental relationship. In this way, Charles can rapidly identify the issues or challenges affecting your development and get to work with you on solving and offering a grounded approach. I found Charles’s career history helpful and insightful in readily appreciating and understanding the competing demands on a CEO in the UK public sector. “ Kingsley is cultivated and sober with some eccentric interests “ ( u can take out!!!)

I greatly appreciated Charles’s gentle but focused manner in addressing issues that were not being addressed sufficiently or concluded. Charles has a great sense of humour which enlightens even those challenging moments with your coach. Highly recommended to Executive Leaders and people who want to excel in their professional and personal life. The reflective style and constructive challenge is very effective.”


                                       Charles Bruce, chief operating officer and consultant, NHS, UK


“ I have experienced Charles work with me as a catalyst for my deep transformation. His ability to provide a trusting and non-judgemental space, and ability to consistently slow me down when my thoughts and mind were overactive were really helpful in helping me engage with this transformation and allow myself to experience inner change, rather than focus on external change.”

Jordana Read, executive and coach

” Charles has a gift for helping one think about business challenges better than they would on their own. He asks the right questions, listens very well and then adds perspective & context. Unlike being given advice I think this approach can produce solutions that “fit” and can be put to work.”

Stan Amy, co owner New Seasons Principle of New Villages

“ Charles is a dynamo of development.  Charles digs deep to find out what the client really wants and needs in life to feel fully supported. Charles can facilitate strategy and planning like no other. Not only is he able to keep meetings focused and on task, he is able to bring out the creativity of those participating and help them work together in a way that breaks down personal and professional barriers. ”

Kelley Roy, ADX. business owner

“ What I find to be one of Charles greatest strengths is his ability to perceive what others often miss. He has been very successful using his sensitivity to process what he notices into something useful. He also has a way of being quite forthright. I have experienced some profound insights from Charles regarding relationships, he has a way of moving the light so even people who think they know themselves or each other well can see an important feature for the first time. Even if it was there all along, lost in the din of life.”

Dave McEachern, business owner

“I find Charles to be humble, responsible and deeply secure in his values while still retaining a child-like curiosity and sense of adventure while entering a client’s inner world. He held me lightly, without bringing any of his own agenda (or coaching models, etc.) into the session. He has a genuine passion to see me succeed, take charge of my life and contribute to my community. To see my resourcefulness in times of despair is one of his most consistent strengths. “

Shuchi Sahai, Coach

“Charles skill in balancing the art of nature with the nature of people leads to outcomes you can not only see but you can feel. Their work with clients creates more aliveness and vitality, and plenty of individuality.”

Todd Blossom, Blossom Earthworks

“ I have never met a man that was so capable, so incredibly gifted in facilitating others visions… He has in numerous instances, uncannily, helped me to shift focus from some narrow view. In swift perceptual moves, an expansive, and, only in my rear view mirror, obviously appropriate direction always seems to emerge. Hidden nuances leap out as lucid and important details, though only a moment before they existed in my body as an inexplicable angst. I know that many more individuals and communities will benefit from his exquisitely tuned sensitivity.”

Jeremy Plumb, co-owner Farma

” Charles is in touch with a degree of awareness seldom encountered in our culture. Through simple relationship Charles feels the pulse of the pink elephants in any situation. Rather than waiting for the elephants to stomp on our heads to gain attention, Charles can hear them breathing and facilitates their elevation to consciousness in a safe and comfortable fashion. Relieved of the burden of dancing around the elephants, a direct path to goals is achieved.”

Aaron Gustafson, Transcend Bodywork

Charles is unique and wonderful to work with, because he never accepts the normal, but never stops looking for new ways to put creative soul into our lives; creating from the heart and toward the unexpected.”

Tom Bender, architect