Body Symptoms as wisdom?

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Let’s go straight to modeling some vulnerability here. I’ve had some spasmatic body symptoms the past few weeks and last night I had a bit of a melt down, like these symptoms were kicking my ass.

In my work with clients, and hopefully myself, I focus on distinguishing two facets of our lives:

  • our innate inner self: of our passions and talents and loves
  • our socialized self: tends to have voices of judgement and criticism and fear and wounds etc.

On reflection today, I was fully in my socialized, wounded, critical and fearful self last night. I had lost contact with my innate inner wisdom and perspective that could have gently reminded me that this to will pass.

What I am aware of in the moment is the fundamental challenge in life it can be to treat the challenges in our life with generosity and compassion and, dare I say, Love!!!
So I went and got a cup of coffee at new little Italian coffee shop up the road (which has real Italian style small potent cappacino, brilliant) and had a little inner dialogue between these two facets of myself. What a relief to get my innate self back in the drivers seat and reassure the inner critic that the symptoms will pass and we are all OK. And, surprise surprise, my body symptoms have loosened a bit in the process.

Where do you notice judgements around a challenge in your own life and how could you bring a bit more innate compassion to that situation that could allow some loosening and new possibilities to emerge?

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