Inner experience as Soft flute vs Brass Band

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I’ve been reading about something called the 3 Principles. One of the distinctions this perspective explores is the experience in our heads of what one author referred to as our brass band versus our soft flute. The notion here is that at the heart of each of us is our loves and innate wisdom and genius, this is the soft flute. Another big experience most of us can relate to is the brass band which is described as our judgements, fears, doubts, worries about the past or future.

I’ve been noticing how much this lines up with my own experience. Our moods tend to move up and down throughout the day and they relate to low moods and brass band playing in contrast to high moods and more of the soft flute and in a groove of some sort.

The irony is, and there has to be one doesn’t there, is that we tend to feel like we need to speak up and make decisions more when we are in a low state than a high one. Which is the exact opposite of what we ought to be doing to make wise moves that come from our own deeper wisdom and values.

So I get in a small argument with my partner and we both get pulled into a lower state and then feel, almost automatically, that this must mean something or we need to be doing something different, or at least she does in my mind. And most of this is just noise from the brass band. If we can get a bit better at noticing what mood (thought pattern) we are in, we can learn when to bite our tongue and let the mood/thought/noise pass.

We can practice being more gentle with ourselves and others when in low moods. And we can practice being grateful when we are in higher and clearer states.

Notice a time when you are in a low mood and the desire to speak up passionately from this place, with a family member or co-worker, or ourselves. And notice how this mood will shift at some point and how differently and usually you feel more generously you feel toward yourself and/or others.

Body Symptoms as wisdom?

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Let’s go straight to modeling some vulnerability here. I’ve had some spasmatic body symptoms the past few weeks and last night I had a bit of a melt down, like these symptoms were kicking my ass.

In my work with clients, and hopefully myself, I focus on distinguishing two facets of our lives:

  • our innate inner self: of our passions and talents and loves
  • our socialized self: tends to have voices of judgement and criticism and fear and wounds etc.

On reflection today, I was fully in my socialized, wounded, critical and fearful self last night. I had lost contact with my innate inner wisdom and perspective that could have gently reminded me that this to will pass.

What I am aware of in the moment is the fundamental challenge in life it can be to treat the challenges in our life with generosity and compassion and, dare I say, Love!!!
So I went and got a cup of coffee at new little Italian coffee shop up the road (which has real Italian style small potent cappacino, brilliant) and had a little inner dialogue between these two facets of myself. What a relief to get my innate self back in the drivers seat and reassure the inner critic that the symptoms will pass and we are all OK. And, surprise surprise, my body symptoms have loosened a bit in the process.

Where do you notice judgements around a challenge in your own life and how could you bring a bit more innate compassion to that situation that could allow some loosening and new possibilities to emerge?