Agreement Of Trust Uk

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Of course, many couples who live together will get married. If that`s the reason, check your initial declaration of confidence. There may be provisions on what happens when you get married – but they will not be conclusive, since section 25 of the Marriage Cases Act is in effect in 1973, once you are married, or in a civil partnership. A declaration of trust is a bit like a marriage agreement – it keeps the fortunes of one or both partners safe in the event of dissolution or dispute. While it is often thought that marital agreements are more for millionaires and celebrities, a trust deed is a valuable tool for many types of people. If you buy a property, there is a huge amount of money at stake, and since everyone`s situation is different, it is worth having a contract written that not only protects each person`s investment, but also reduces the risk of litigation, if the relationship ends. There are two main reasons why you would get a declaration of confidence. If you have any questions about any aspect of the form, please call us on 0845 83 TRUST (0845 83 87878) or email us at If you would like one of our advisors to contact you, please complete our online application form.

In this case, a declaration of confidence may be useful in recording the exact shares of a property and the breakdown of each party`s contributions. In addition, if the tenants are together an unmarried couple, a declaration of trust may work in the same way as a cohabitation agreement, in order to avoid any complexity or ambiguity as to what happens to the property if the couple`s relationship breaks down and they choose to separate. However, a declaration of confidence should be considered for all those who invest in real estate. To illustrate that this is not only relevant to new owners, there are other reasons: trusts are so flexible, so you must first sit down with your lawyer and discuss what your agreement should cover. We can guide you through every step of your real estate purchase and pride ourselves on efficient transportation services. Contact any questions about the declaration of trust. A number of parties may make a declaration of confidence. However, the act of trust will give a good indication of your intentions and can be examined in court. However, we recommend a pre-marital or post-marital agreement to capture the details of what would happen if you separated. As with any legal document, the declaration of confidence must meet different criteria to ensure that it is recognized by law: it must be established as an act (a formal legal document generally drawn up by a legal expert), all parties concerned must be able to prove that they have entered into the agreement on a voluntary basis and with full knowledge of what it entails and be signed by all parties concerned and testify to it.