Coaching Services

There is so much overload in life. I’ve spent much my work life providing a sounding board, counsel, brainstorming and a space where you can find more peace of mind for a far more creative and satisfying engagement with life.

People I work with are often experiencing an instinct toward some sort of change in their life. This could be in yourself, your relationships, a move, or work. I help you feel genuinely seen and heard which allows your own natural wisdom to emerge.

I’m offering what I so wish was available to me earlier in life. To be able to realize there is an innate sense of flow, ease and creativity we all have and often wouldn’t have imagined possible.

My role with you is pointing you back to your own innate wisdom and well being amidst all the outside distractions that can divert us. You can feel more satisfied, more creative and more at ease.

Insight based

Think about any time you have felt really good in your life? What were you feeling? What were you doing? How did it come about?

For me, and the people I work with, the answer to this is we felt really good when we felt a sense of spaciousness, presence, groundness, even love.  I help people see that this is our natural well being.


As I and my clients have more experiences of this new understanding, our whole outlook on life, work, relationships , money and creatively shift.  We start to notice that when we are in a shitty mood, rather than trying to try and figure out why, we can just wait and the agitation will pass. We notice that creatively comes more naturally and easily. Even that creating is a natural part of whom we all are, but for old mindsets that get in the way. My coaching with you focuses less on the content and looks instead toward uncovering the deeper wisdom that is always available.

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